Two Common Sprinkler System Problems and How Experts in Denver Solve Them

Denver receives somewhere around 14 inches of rain in the average year, a figure that combines with typical snowfall numbers to put it firmly in the category of “semi-arid” climactic regions. As a result, vegetation in and around Denver often wants for moisture in even the best and most hospitable of times.

Having an appropriate, high quality sprinkler system installed can make it much easier to maintain a great-looking yard or other planted space, regardless of Mother Nature’s plans. Keeping up with the kinds of repairs that are sometimes needed also tends to be easy enough to do. A number of denver sprinkler repair companies are always ready and well equipped to help.f

Reliable, Effective Service for All Common Sprinkler Problems

c Even so, issues cannot always be avoided, so being aware of the most common types of problems can pay off. The experts at Sprinkler repair Denver CO property owners turn to for help regularly address failures such as:

Low pressure. A sprinkler system that does not cover as much ground as it used to will often be found to be suffering from overly low water pressure. One common cause of lowered pressure is an accumulation of debris and detritus within one or more supply lines. In some cases, a pipe that provides water to a sprinkler system can even be crushed partially or wholly by the passage of a heavy vehicle above it. Finally, valves within systems can also fail or simply need to be adjusted to restore the pressure that every sprinkler system needs to keep working well.

Malfunctioning zones. Most sprinkler setups of any size are broken up into distinct zones, each of which can normally be controlled separately. In some cases, the majority of a sprinkler system will be working as desired but one or more zones will not. Electrical problems with zone control systems tend to be the most common culprits when such issues arise, although mechanical failures can be to blame, as well. The specialists at sprinkler repair denver co residents turn to for help will always be able to diagnose and fix all such problems.

A Properly Functioning Sprinkler System is a True Asset

By arranging for sprinkler system repair as soon as it becomes necessary, homeowners and others can ensure that their landscaped spaces will always remain looking great. Waiting too long can easily stress grass and other plants and should never be necessary, regardless.